Jonathan Caicedo

I'm an Infrastructure and Security Engineer.

I also do amateur radio things - but if you’re here, you probably already knew that.

I got my first glimpse into ham radio during my freshman year, when I participated in some events that my college’s ham radio club (W2SZ) was putting on for incoming freshman. After a day of fox hunting, antenna building, and listening to some ragchews over HF, I went back to the shack there somewhat regularly and managed to hitch a ride with the club’s president (at the time) (W1MAT) and the Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force for the ARRL September VHF Contest - I was fascinated. I wouldn’t get my license until six years later in 2021 (life gets busy), but I still definitely remember that experience.

If you’re interested about me in things outside ham radio, you can find that at my personal site.

My Station


Philadelphia, PA — FN20ja

My primary QTH consists of a Yaesu FT-991A - it’s sometimes connected (apartments make this hard) to either a Buckmaster 7-Band OCF Dipole or an Alpha Antenna J-Pole Sr. (and occasionally the smaller J-Pole Jr. variant) in a sloped (DX) configuration. For VHF/UHF operations, a dual-band Comet GP-6 is connected directly to the FT-991A. I also have a Xiegu G90 that I usually use for POTA - I usually bring my J-Pole Sr. or Jr. along for that as well.


At some point, I’ll get around to permanently installing my TH-9800D Plus in my car, but for now I usually operate it ad-hoc with a Nagoya UT-72 magnetic mount antenna. I also have a Zastone D9000 that lives at my QTH and supplements VHF/UHF operations on the FT-991A.


For most portable operations, I rotate between a Radioddity GD-77, Yaesu FT5DR, Radioddity GA-510, and an AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus - all with SignalStuff’s Signal Sticks. I sometimes use the GD-77 and AT-D878UVII Plus for DMR via a local repeater (usually W3PVI).

Clubs and Other Things

Young Amateurs Radio Club (YARC)

I’m a member of YARC, an international amateur radio club with a focus on promoting the adoption and use of amateur radio among young people.

Ham Radio Village (HRV)

I volunteer with the Ham Radio Village - setting up, administering exams, and presenting talks at the DEFCON security conference each year in Las Vegas.

Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club

After two years of being an “unofficial” member, I finally joined the Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club and usually help with Field Day logistics each year.

Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club

I (try) to particplate every week in the Holmesburg Weekly Net (formerly known as the Elmer Net) run by the fantastic Austin Seraphin (KA3TTT).

Boston Athletic Association - Boston Marathon

Each year in April, I assist with amateur radio communcations for the Boston Marathon.

Volunteer Examining

I’m accredited as an volunteer examiner with ARRL, GLAARG, and Laurel.