Jonathan Caicedo

I’m a Site Reliability Engineer in Market Data at Susquehanna International Group.

I also do amateur radio things - but if you’re here, you probably already knew that.

I got my first glimpse into ham radio during my freshman year, when I participated in some events that my college’s ham radio club (W2SZ) was putting on for incoming freshman. After a day of fox hunting and antenna building, I went back to the shack there somewhat regularly and managed to hitch a ride with the club’s president at the time (W1MAT) to Mount Graylock for the W2SZ/1 fall contest - I was fascinated. I wouldn’t get my license until six years later in 2021 (life gets busy), but I still definitely remember that experience.

If you’re interested about me in things outside ham radio, you can find that at my personal site.

My Station


Wynnewood, PA — FM29ix

My primary QTH consists of a Yaesu FT-991A connected to a Alpha Antenna J-Pole Sr. (and occasionally the smaller J-Pole Jr. variant) in a sloped (DX) configuration. For VHF/UHF operations, a dual-band Comet GP-6 is connected directly to the FT-991A.


At some point, I’ll get around to permanently installing my TH-9800D Plus in my car, but for now I usually operate it ad-hoc with a Nagoya UT-72 magnetic mount antenna.


For most portable operations, I use a Radioddity GD-77 with a HYS RH770 - sometimes I use DMR from my QTH with it via a local repeater (usually W3PVI).

Clubs and Other Things

Ham Radio Village (HRV)

I volunteer with the Ham Radio Village - setting up, administering exams, and presenting talks at the DEFCON security conference each year in Las Vegas.

Young Amateurs Radio Club (YARC)

I’m a member of YARC, an international amateur radio club with a focus on promoting the adoption and use of amateur radio among young people.

Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club

I (try) to particplate every week in the Holmesburg Weekly Net (formerly known as the Elmer Net) run by the fantastic Austin Seraphin (KA3TTT).

Volunteer Examining

I’m accredited as an volunteer examiner with ARRL, GLAARG, and Laurel.